• LH & RH Drive 4WD vehicles
  • LH & RH Drive Sedans
  • Offroad Accessories - UN MOSS Complaint
  • Ambulance Modification
  • Armored Vehicle Modification
  • Construction, Agriculture & Earth Moving Equipments
  • Fire Fighting Vehicle Modification
  • Motor Cycles & Bicycles
  • Genuine Spare Parts & Vehicle Accessories (Japenese, German & American)
  • Off Road/All Terrain Tires
  • Batteries
  • Trucks & Buses
  • Warehousing & Material Handling Equipments
  • Generators - Silent, Super Silent & Open Type
  • Genuine Generator Spares - Perkins, Cummins, FG Wilson Etc


LMG specializes in supplying a wide range of project vehicles which include Saloons and Sedans to Pick-ups, Vans and 4WD SUVs. Besides the categories of vehicles, we can also supply vehicles in various brands like TOYOTA, LEXUS, NISSAN, LAND ROVER, MITSUBISHI, HONDA,HYUNDAI, MAZDA, FORD, GMC, CHEVROLET, etc. More importantly, we can supply vehicles in LHD as well as RHD forms based on the geographical locations of our clients.

We can also fix/ supply additional accessories for the vehicles based on the requirement of our clients. These accessories include a variety of equipment like Bullbars, Winches, Roof Racks, Tow Ropes, Jerry Cans, Hi-Lift Jacks, First Aid Kits, Fire Extinguishers, Warning Triangles, Sledge Hammers, Transit Safety Boxes, etc. These items can be supplied in high quality reputed brands like TJM, ARB, Warn, Hi-Lift, etc. or can also be supplied in mid-range quality based on the client’s request. We can also supply other important products like Tyres & Tubes (in brands such as MICHELIN, PIRELLI, DUNLOP, BRIDGESTONE, GOODYEAR, BF GOODRICH, YOKOHAMA, HANKOOK, etc.), Dry Cell & Maintenance- Free Batteries (in brands like EXIDE, AC DELCO, BOSCH, OPTIMA, VARTA, etc.), Anti-Freeze, Lubricants, Car Care Products, etc. There are also some other items like the GPS System, Rear Camera w/ DVD Player, Tint Films, etc. that can be fixed/ supplied by us upon request by our clients.


LMG can also supply Trucks, Buses & Heavy Equipment. The various types of trucks supplied by us include 3-Ton & 7-Ton Pick-ups, various types of Trailers, Fabricated Truck Bodies to be used as Tankers, Cold Storages, etc. The brands offered will be reputed ones like MERCEDES, VOLVO, TATA, ISUZU, NISSAN DIESEL, etc. We also offer Buses with different types of seat arrangements and seating capacities. We can supply these Buses in brands like MERCEDES, VOLVO, TATA, DAEWOO, etc.

We also supply a wide range of Heavy Equipment like Cranes, Bulldozers, Backhoe, Rollers, Excavators, Forklifts, etc. in brands like CATERPILLAR, BOBCAT, JCB, JLG, JOHN DEERE, CASE, HYSTER,TEREX, etc.


We can supply Armored Vehicles in various armouring levels like B6, B7, VR6 and VR7 depending upon the requirement of the clients. However, we would like to mention here that VR armouring levels have an upper hand over B armouring levels in the sense that B-Level Armouring is done using Certified Raw Materials whereas in VR-Level the complete Armoured Vehicle itself is certified. In addition to this, VR-Level Armoured Vehicles are tested against AP-Mines, Hand Grenades and Shooting. Not only this, the VR-Level Armoured Vehicles have been certified in accordance with BRV 1999 (VR6) and the guidelines of theFederal German Criminal Department. After knowing this, it won’t need any kind of expertise to determine which level provides better security. Nevertheless, we supply vehicles based on the clients requirement, but can also assure here that no matter what level is being manufactured, we take complete measures and follow full-proof procedures to ensure best of the best quality armoured vehicles.


We also supply Ambulances with all basic facilities required for emergency situations. These Ambulances are custom-made as per clients’ requirements by modifying Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles to install the features and facilities as requested by the clients.


  • Bull Bars
  • Winches
  • Satellite Phone