What is Coco Peat and How is it produced ?
Coco peat dust in compressed form is called coco peat or coco pith or simply Coco peat.Coco peat dust is formed when coconut husks are treated for the extraction of fibrous Coco peat. Coco peat dust is made to undergo a lot of treatment processes after which it is compressed as per specifications to form coco peat.
What is LMG Coco Peat and how is it superior from other brands of coco peat ?
Coco peat produced by LMG is known in the brand name "LMG Cocopeat". the treatment processes which the Coco peat dust is made to undergo before compression is what distinguishes LMG from others.Additionally ,LMG coco peat also undergoes a unique isolation mechanism, which removes weeds & other impurities from Coco peat dust. The result is a far superior product which can be used straightway in agricultural research centers and horticultural farms.

Which are the fast moving LMG Coco Peat variants ?
LMG Coco peat Bales (4KG & 5KG), LMG Coco Peat Briquettes, LMG Coco Peat Grow Bags, LMG Coco Peat Disks, Pet Friend(Bed for Pets), Clean Up(Industrial Absorbent). LMG Coco Peat Ready to use packages and jumbo bags.
We can prepare any size and shape as per the requirements as we are the manufactures.

What is the life span of LMG Coco products? Is LMG coco products biodegradable ?
3 years. It is 100% biodegradable.

Does Production of LMG Coco peat any threat or harm to ecological systems ?
No.Not at all, LMG Coco products are organic and 100% natural resource, by using LMG Coco products you can save precious water resources and decrease the use of chemical nutrients. Mining of peat moss poses a threat to rare plant species and wild life habitat. LMG Coco products comes from a fruit and the manufacturing processes does not pollute the environment. More over LMG coco products are 100% biodegradable.

Which types of industry can benefit by using LMG Coco peat ?
Commercial Horticulture and floriculture industry Agricultural Farms and Research Centers, Commercial Mushroom Industry, Landscaping, Golf courses, Football Fields, Drip Irrigation, Desert Cultivation, Garden Centers Residential Gardens, Reptile Breeding, Potting soil & Fertilizer manufacturing industries Oil & Gas Industries as absorbent etc.

How can LMG Coco peat be used in an existing Agricultural Farm? Is it cost effective ?
Yes, LMG Coco peat can be used in an existing Agricultural Farm without much maintenance works like digging, reconditioning and replanting. Here is how it can simply be spread on the surface soil, which means it will not have to be worked into the soil but rather be spread like a carpet in the vegetable garden, flowerbeds or on the lawn. High level of potassium content in LMG coco peat is an added advantage.

Is the availability of LMG Coco products subject to weather conditions?
No. The availability of LMG Coco products is not dependent on weather conditions.we supply products through out the year.

What are Other products & services offered by LMG?
LMG deals with wide range of products related with irrigation and agricultural requirements.Personal Protective Gears Remote Site Supplies & Services-Generators, Portable water Treatment systems, IT equipment's Communication, Security & surveillance devices, Automotive, Equipment's, Tractors, Golf carts, Tyre's, Batteries & Related Spare parts. we also do customization/modification of vehicles to meet the remote & emergency site requirements.