Remote Sites

  • Water Purification System / Water Storage Solutions
  • Trailer Mounted Field Mobile Kitchen
  • Fields Hospitals / Portable Toilets


Safety Supplies

  • Anti-Shatter Film for Vehicles
  • Industrial Safety Gears
  • Blast Resistant Film for Structures
  • Personal Protective Equipment



Talking about the Personal Protective Equipment, we can supply Kevlar Helmets (manufactured to NIJ Level-IIIA protection), PASGT Helmets, Bullet-Proof Vests (manufactured to Level-II, Level-IIA and Level-IIIA protections) and Ballistic Steel Plates(manufactured to Level-III and Level-IV protections).Besides the above mentioned equipment, we can also supply other security equipment like Hand-Held Metal Detectors, Walk-Through Metal Detectors, Under-Vehicle Search Mirror, Jammers, etc.

We would like to specially mention over here that LMG values lives and will never ever compensate on its quality standards.