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Semi Collapsible Jerry Can

10 L capacity Semi-Collapsible Jerry Can

Semi Collapsible Jerry Cans is a Food grade LDPE plastic water container for storage and carrying water. 


• Capacity:   10 L.

• Weight:   190 – 230 g.

• Material:   Manufactured of food grade LDPE should not contain toxic elements   according to EN 1186-3-9 standard. The jerry can must stand by itself,   even when filled with    less than 1/4 of its maximum volume.

• Operating temperature:   Can withstand temperatures from -20 °C to + 50 °C.

• Average thickness:   0.6 mm and minimum corner thickness 0.5 mm.

• Fitted with:   A built-in carrying handle with minimum 9 cm length and 3 cm   height, with no sharp edges and a screw able cap for filling and   discharge, linked to the container by polyamide string with diameter   of min.1 mm and approximately 120 mm length. The inner diameter   of the cap is approx. 35 mm.

• Impact Resistance / Drop Test:  The Semi-Collapsible Jerry Can must be impact resistant on   a hard surface when filled with maximum volume of water   (10liters) at 20 °C.

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