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Squatting Plate

Self-Supporting Plastic Squatting Slabs

Hygienic. Safe. Convenient. In case of any emergency.

Open defecation is more than an unsightly problem. It leads to contamination of water and causes numerous ailments. Providing sanitary facilities to the population is not an easy task, made even more difficult in the case of relief work or emergencies. Is there a hygienic, low-cost and high-quality solution?

Self-Supporting Plastic Squatting Slabs are the quickest and most efficient method for building latrines in emergencies.

Light weight and moulded, these Squatting Slabs can be placed over trenches or pits up to 1 metre wide, while just 100mm rests on firm ground. The uniform shape, low thickness and a unique "nesting" feature makes them portable and easy to transport. The slabs come with a hinged lid, and also have embedded metal inserts to make them rigid and stable. The Slim Slabs have additional reinforcements to make them even more stiff. In fact, this product is today the international standard for aid agencies around the world and is shipped to all corners
of the globe when there is an emergency and a need to quickly set up sanitation facilities.

Advantages of LMG Self-Supporting Plastic Squatting Slabs

Besides convenience and ease of use, the slabs have several other advantages:

  • One-piece plastic moulding means no joints or loose parts that can fall off.
  • The ready-to-use slabs require no assembly.
  • The self-supporting slabs do not need additional reinforcements.
  • Light weight and easy to manoeuvre.
  • The slabs are available in two thickness variants - 55 mm and 40 mm.
  • The slabs can be used either as Direct-Drops or as Water-Seals.
  • Slope towards the key hole enables easy draining of water.
  • Four tent pegs for attaching the slab to the ground are provided. They are stored in slots on the underside of the slab.
  • Hand-washing graphic reminder provided on the inside of the lid.
  • Unique "nesting" feature makes them easy to stack and pack.
  • Light weight, low thickness and nestability reduce storage and transportation costs.
  • Designed for palletisation as per European standards, in collaboration with leading international aid agencies.
  • The slabs are highly chemical-resistant, making them easy to maintain and clean.
  • Available with multiple accessories such as Pans and Traps (to provide a water seal), a Sitting Handrails that can be used with the Sitting Toilet, and a Children's Toilet.

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